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Originally Posted by rekkerafthor View Post
I realize getting pissy wasn't the best reaction. I was having trouble articulating myself in a way she could understand, most likely because the situation just bothered me. And she was upset with me. I can't blame her.
I think that's pretty normal. Recognizing that it's an issue that needs to be worked on is a good thing, though, to hopefully make future communication easier.

The thing is, she's been on multiple dates with guys before without me meeting them early on. I'm having trouble figuring out why this one bothered me so much. I think part of it was because we hadn't spent a whole lot of time together that week already. (She had been out with this guy twice, and with another , the guy I do like once). But I don't think that was all of it.
Ah, scheduling... That's enough to frustrate anyone. I'm a big fan of having a household calendar (either digital or one hanging on the wall - I prefer the wall one, but whatever works) so that you can clearly set aside x amount of time for home/you two to have date night, y amount of time for outside dates, z amount of time for family/friends, etc. It's easier (for me anyway) to make sure everyone and everything that needs my attention gets it when I have a visual. It's way too easy to overs-chedule when people keep things separate so you can't tell when your schedules are overlapping.

We haven't talked much about the situation since then. Apparently it freaked this guy out enough that he hasn't contacted her since. I feel bad about that. I'm a big guy, and can be intimidating unless you talk to me, at which point the teddy bear falls out of my mouth. My wife is not that upset. She didn't see anything long term coming out of it.
Well, hopefully it was a good learning experience at least. I'm glad it's not causing any huge issues.
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