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He doesn't actually want equality, he wants privilege.
That sums it up.

If you and M test clean, and he's not seeing anyone, that little side of the equation is closed. It does not go beyond M. M is not a cootie risk to you. You could go bare there. It is YOUR choice. But for it to actually GO bare, M has to also agree to bare. His choice may very well be keep condoms! That doesn't mean you being ok with bare with M and M wanting a condom is not equal. You have your body and comfort level. M had his. It is totally fair. That it may or not line up so that going bare comes to pass is irrelevant. Both partners are in a fair, equal place.

If CS and you have condoms on because he has a mutlitude of partners that change about that is common sense. That side of the equation is NOT closed. He is a cootie risk to you, much more so than YOU are to HIM.

Maybe not because of not trusting HIM not being trustworthy but perhaps one of his new partner's does not truth? Cooties him and then he passes on to you? He's so magical he will never ever get lied to? Or what if his partner is not lying on purpose but HER other partner did? It just goes through the chain!

CS also is claiming that all of his “sacrifice” in covering it up in the past has been in vain because I’m “giving it away”
This is really immature. You'd think he'd WANT to cover up and protect his OWN health! That's not sacrifice -- that is common sense!

He's being a big baby thinking he owns or is entitled to your body. And honestly if he's being so babyish it would make me wonder about sleeping with him at all. *frown*

Grown ups do not get this babyish about safe sex practices. Thpppt.

Once I had to let go of a guy because I felt like he was wired for mono and just not handling poly me well. He struggled so with jealousy it was kinder to cut him loose. I wanted to be good exes and just be friends. Nobody's fault things do not line up.

He was so upset over the break up that he called me up drunk demanding to know my Lover could poke me and he couldn't. I am not a candy bar everyone gets a piece of, that's why. And ya think calling me up with nonsense like that was going to make me WANT to be your lover MORE? Gah.

CS is going on with nonsense. It is not attractive.


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