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Originally Posted by Katrpillar View Post
For what it is worth... if I were Jeni, things that might change my mind/perspective would be if you approached me independently with what I believed was a genuine interest in healing and recreating OUR metamour relationship (even if it just be platonic). To see if we are compatible as friends or just respectful people before we get emotionally entangled with our shared lover where it previously fell apart. Of course this is not necessary nor to be expected as standard but it would show me good faith and intention on your part to not want to damage my existing relationship. In time I could slowly begin to trust you and welcome you into my life and hear directly from you how your views and feelings have changed and share mine as well. Of course Jeni could be very different than me.

Best wishes and future happiness,

In case you don't see the above email that I referred to, here it is. What I wrote to her.

I think it would be really great to get to know you and develop more of a friendship with you. We are probably very different in a lot of ways, but I think we have a lot of common ground as well. I even think it would be fun to eventually hang out with you and ______ together.

Iíve missed him a lot. Heís a terrific guy, and I definitely want him in my life. I donít presume to know what you are thinking about it all, but I feel compelled to say that there should be no concern that Iím going to take him away from you. I donít want to, nor will I. He is very devoted to you, cares about you a lot, and is extremely close to you, and I have no desire to change that. I am glad for you and for him that you have each other.

Anyway, Iíve said the main things I want to say. But I am still open to talking on the phone or meeting up for coffee if you want to.

And as I said....called her even after that email and got no answer, no return call.
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