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CS HAS equality with second partner. You are willing to forego condoms with CS after clean test results (I'm assuming you're requiring a clean test just for the record from second partner, with occasional updates since there are STI's that can be transmitted in other ways besides sex), until he has sex with someone else. Second partner will not be sleeping with anyone else, so he gets to keep foregoing condoms. If CS wants to keep forgoing condoms, he can also choose to not sleep with other people.

If he means he needs equality with you, he's also free to choose to not use condoms with a partner, but he isn't allowed to make your choice for you. IF CS were only sleeping with one other person (who was in turn only sleeping with CS), and you had regular clean test results from that other person, perhaps you would decide you were comfortable not using condoms with CS. But that's YOUR choice to protect yourself, just like it would be CS's choice if he wanted to use condoms with you but not with someone else, or because you were not using them with someone else. Just because he doesn't like his choice doesn't mean it's not equal.

He doesn't actually want equality, he wants privilege.
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