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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post

I am trying to focus on ways to prevent lines being re-enforced in the sand between poly and mono approaches to loving.
DUDE! I can't believe you don't see that this is exactly what you WERE doing when you said "It's interesting that a mono mind sees [that book] one way and a poly mind sees it another way" I admit i'm paraphrasing but that's what started this whole tangent. And Ceoli chose to take that STATEMENT and explore it in a thread. You chose to take that as an attack.

It is interesting how a mono mind can perceive something as an "attack" while a poly mind perceives the same thing as "being true to oneself".

See those words in BOLD? That statement DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. It makes no difference if you're you and I'm me. You could switch around the words "mono" and "poly" and it STILL would not make sense because the cause-and-effect relationship between the premise and conclusion is non-sequitir.

I hope you realize that if I did not care or were trying to take sides, I would not even bother writing this post. I would just laugh and say "look at the silly man with the toilet paper stuck to his shoe".

You could say that I'm not being "gentle" or "empathic" enough but that would be smoke and mirrors.
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