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*sigh* It is not you disagreeing with me that is important, Ceoli. It is your unwillingness to accept that we disagree that causes me concern.

I'm sorry my old friend. You seem to bring a shadow with you when you approach me now. It is not a shadow of truth that inspires me is a shadow of negativity which pushes to evoke emotional responses that would only discredit my beliefs and knowledge of myself. There is little love in that, no prompting for expanding my ideas. I have extended my hand and gave you words of credit because I respect your opinions. You apparently do not respect my own although I am clear that they are in fact my own.

I am well aware I do not travel in the same poly circles as you. But I live poly on a day to day basis, dealing with issues that can help others from the perspective of a family that is out there. We have a perspective that many do not have but will want to hear because the same challenges are in their future.

I am trying to focus on ways to prevent lines being re-enforced in the sand between poly and mono approaches to loving. But there are differences and it is all of our challenge to overcome those differences. Some will do this on paper or in theory others will do this by example. Extending hands to embrace the validity and beauty of all loving styles is how I see acceptance being achieved. Not in pointing out weaknesses, but in recognizing strengths.

Take care Ceoli
Peace and Love

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