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Originally Posted by mercury View Post
3) I know that she is a human being and that she may not have meant to be unfair or un-compassionate or whatever, but that maybe she is looking out for # 1 (which only makes sense). There aren't that many people -- even good people -- who don't put their own needs above others. At the same time, I still feel like I'm the more principled person here because, as the poly person she claims herself to be, she's taking the easy way out by
There are other ways to look out for #1 without it being at the expense of others. There is compromise, communication. You said it best in an earlier post, "I'm struggling with this and will need alot of reassurance...."

I look out for #1 too. But I could never live with myself knowing that it hurt someone else.

Annabelmore is right. It was emotionally immature and uncompassionate of his girlfriend to do that.

And it was cruel and cowardly of him to let it happen.

You can and will do better next time.
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