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Default Shame

Open conversation about touching and sex is important for Christians. We like Jesus was are surrounded by religious hypocrites who are some of the worst perpetrators of sexual misconduct.

Victims of rape, sexual abuse or any traumatic abuse are broken from their spiritual connection with their own body.

The statistics on sexual abuse are pretty amazing. There are very few people who havenít been offended to some degree or another.

Our desire to touch and be touched must have rules and boundaries for all of our protection.

The religious community has established rules that we are taught at a very early age that make touching one of the great taboos.

I recently found out that one of menís greatest fears about sexual intercourse is that often times we ejaculate before our partner is ready to finish.

The cure for pre ejaculation is masturbation. Learning to masturbate routinely is healthy for men.

Just last month my wifeís pastor preached vehemently about the evil of men masturbating because it would mean for the most part that weíre masturbating while lusting. Of course he made no mention of the importance of men learning to masturbate just for the sheer pleasure of touching themselves without external stimulation. So we're left with the usual shame about sexual pleasure.

Weíre taught that the only sensual touching that is permitted is between a husband and wife. On so many levels this promotes and fosters sexual misconduct.

The religious community doesnít take the time to get this issue right. It is not on the forefront taking the lead but instead preaches repression of education and understanding. As it does with so many important behavioral issues.

Itís left as it always has been to individual believers to love each other, deeply, from the heart.

Iím so happy all of you are here. Other believers who want to experience what Jesus commanded. Loving each other as we would want to be loved. Loving each other and ourselves proportionately and equally. Without co dependence but with the knowledge that the most important issue for all of us to learn to love and be loved.
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