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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
So I'd schedule a trio talk about this, see if she really wants to end with Guy (and not just acting outfor X stressy reason because she was the one who initiated the date). Just as he regrets acting out, maybe she has some?
What ARE they then?

Then if so, she's lost the spark for Guy -- that's nobody's fault. She's got something going on with the ping-pongy so let's just address it rather than endure ping-pongy.

There's a partial break up but the ladies still want their rship and Guy is willing to check out and be more like supportive spouse/friendly ex person?

Temperature check that with all parties for viability. Then negotiate how to make the transition to this new config so all parties can digest it an transition safely, securely, respected-ly.
Thanks, that helps with sorting out a bit of a game plan.
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