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I know you are disappointed and didn't get a good closure on that one. That stinks.

But I think it boils down to understanding polymath and good communication and being a good whatever you are in the config you are in.

Be it as the GF, BF, Husband, Wife, Metamour, Paramour, whatever it is in the config... all players must understand who they are, their responsibilites for keeping up good communication and how to weather the storms -- be it storms of rainbow joys or storms of yucky ughs.

It sounds like s/he didn't have all their cards together before he rekindled with you and ooops! Got step back and bam. Hurt feelings. Sigh.

It would have been better to connect with you and have a chance to talk it out as a trio and not just get a brusque veto chop.

An apology would have been nice, ykwim? It's not anyone's fault that wires got crossed somehow and I think everyone learned something from the experience. You go with your gut and clear the air before going in, them be more up front about what parameters it is they are looking for in particular.

There's no one size fits all poly config! Everyone has different needs, situations.

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