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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
If we can't be LOVING to our "comrades" just because we feel that we are right and they are wrong, or we are logical and they are illogical or that our beliefs are truth and theirs are based in phallacy-
Interestingly enough, I had intended to start a similar thread - more based on the above quote. Because I think (if I'm reading LR right) this was her intention to express. Despite what she said, what examples she may have chose to use, what words etc, I THINK I got her message ?
And I think it's an important one !

Especially in a public forum.
We're all here to learn from and help each other - subscribers & visitors alike.
And it's a given that no group of people are all going to agree all the time - especially on complex topics. That's ok.
But I think sometimes it's just enough to say "Ok - let's agree to disagree"
And smile at each other. And let it go. We can all get the concept that there may be other possibilities in the world and are totally free to pursue those at our leisure.
I guess I just think that there's a kinder, gentler way to navigate in the world and that if we put that first on our agenda - everyone gains.
I hate to see conversations take turns like some of these have. It really isn't necessary. I see the potential and have seen it a bazillions time before. I try to head it off when I see it coming (and got myself in deep do-do here for it).
But maybe this is the "good" that came of it.
A reminder to us all to be a little kinder,gentler, a little more empathetic.
As I think I mentioned to someone......passion and strong ideologies are double edged blades. They truly cut both ways.

Thanks all,


PS: Ceoli - any olives on that olive branch ? <grin>
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