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I'd email the source and go "what's that mean to you?" if you are interested in the rest of the profile.

Because to ME? Keeping it real is about up front, radical honesty and communication.

Life is incredibly wonderful, and incredibly UGH sometimes. I would want to date someone who can surf the peaks and the valleys with me and not get all namby pamby emotional weenie about emotional management in a rough patch. I'm not going to throw in the towel just cuz it's rough, but enough times of emotional weenie/avoidy nonsense and I may rethink why I want to sign up for surfing Life with you to begin with!

It's ok to feel scared or nevous or whatever but for god's sake SPIT IT OUT. Don't add to the UGH factor by running around in circles or gaslighting me.

It's all fun to be at the "Wheeeee!" times. But then what about the "Aw, man! Poo!" times?

I guess in my own ad it would read more like "Let's keep it real. Radical honesty and communication up front plz. No emotional weenies or fair weather people."


I have been told I'm very intense, very bold, and that's part of the appeal of me. I've also been told I'm intimidating and scary with how up front I am. Guess who I date? The ones that find this up-front-ness appealing!

I rather weed them out at the get go so it's more compatible personalities.


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