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I mentioned in my other post that he had "single" on his OkCupid when I met him (with the intent to tell dates about his open relationship status on the first date). But I have noticed that now his and her profiles are completely different. They say "in an open relationship with my girlfriend. We're both looking to date other people casually, but it could become long term if you're willing to be a part of our open relationship
That's more honest from the get go at least. Then if a person were to think about dating him they know the situation better than "single" would demarcate.

They are open and looking to date and hoping for people who fit into their tribe/network whatevers.

Sounds like both you and they learned something from the experience.

I confronted him about it on the phone: "Are you in an open relationship?"

He said yes, and that he was planning to tell me on the first date. I didn't want to get involved (I wasn't judgmental of them; I just said "Well, I understand that y'all are in an open relationship, but seeing as how i know her, I think I'll pass." -- but then he talked me into meeting him.
You listen to your gut more.

They get it out there earlier rather than announcing while actually on the first date.

It's like a wasted first date if the person doesn't want ANYTHING to do with open things.

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