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Originally Posted by mercury View Post
I mentioned in my other post that he had "single" on his OkCupid when I met him (with the intent to tell dates about his open relationship status on the first date). But I have noticed that now his and her profiles are completely different. They say "in an open relationship with my girlfriend. We're both looking to date other people casually, but it could become long term if you're willing to be a part of our open relationship."

In other words, after me, she apparently developed a greater sense of "coveting" him, and their profiles reflect that.
See to me, I think it's more honest to say upfront that he's in an open relationship. He isn't single. I'd be quite unhappy trading e-mails, expecting a truly single guy, going to meet him, and finding out he actually has a girlfriend. He may be 'available,' but is not 'single.'
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