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I'm sorry you are hurting. :hug:

I can't really say anything more. Veto stuff... nrgh.

People always thought I was nuts when I'd ask on first dates how the exes were like and how the person likes to break up. But I always wanted to know!

Then I knew if it was destined for a break up how it would/could go down and if I wanted to even sign up for that.

I'd be unwilling to poly with a couple that really didn't have it together.

But as you say -- this is about "No... don't want to go there again and rekindle."

And if she's all blah, even if he's all yay, she could make your life hell if you DID date so I guess even if it feels yucky I rather get the chop EARLY rather than later and hear "No... don't want to go there again."


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