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Default What do you think?

This has helped me alot! Thank you all! Recently the three of us had a seriouse talk about commitment, family, and love. My GF has to go back to Finland at the end of this month and won't be able to return for atleast 2years (possibly longer). My husband wanted to have a deep conversation about what would happen if she retuens (she keeps telling us she will definitly retun to the U.S. and to us) about her putting the family first in regars to communication and money and she was really all for this. She even said this is what she wants. I have talked about putting all our wants and needs down on paper and signing it, just for our sake. What do others think of this idea? I think mainly this would make me feel better about her leaving for so long!! (She has promised to e-mail (even jsut a hi I love you) me daily and hand write letters weekly, but I told her that is alot and that she doesn't have to) Just wondering what others think since you all give such GREAT advice!!!
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