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Question New to site...looking for some advice!

Hello everyone i am involved in a polyamory relationship with a married cpl, we have been involved now for 5months and i have moved in with them. So we are in a polyamory fidelity relationship so we just have sex between the three of us, but through the last 5 months i have been having problems with the wife of the relationship...we started out good but through all the changes she was not honest about her feelings and it was hard to get closer to her and create a deep relationship. I have a much deeper connection and madly in love with the husband and have stopped sleeping with the wife...which has created a rift within the now were more of a sister wife thing. She just irritates me now and i am having a hard time letting all the things go that she has done in the past....i dont want to leave the relationship because of him how do i make this work?? Any ideas?
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