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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Poly with heirarchy and veto rights is not how I roll, so it would be out of the question. I am not okay with someone telling me to dump someone because THEY are struggling. Not my husband, not anyone. So I don't ask for that in return. I have earned my integrity and my partners trust that I have their best interest in mind in all that I do. Vetos are built out of fear and lack of trust. I don't find that a useful way to live.
RP - I just wanted to THANK YOU for saying this.

I just replied to another post on here by a girl who was veto'd and is hurting because of it.

Nothing about veto'ing someone you have invited into your partner's life sounds right. You trust your partner to go down the poly path, you should trust that they make the decisions they need to make to respect both individual relationships.

If you don't trust in their decision making abilities, you should question your decision to participate in a poly lifestyle period.
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