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Thank you. I appreciate the sympathy. I really do. As lame as it sounds, I just need sympathy. I need people to say "poor you." Because I felt bad and still do.

I will say, though, that the one thing that mitigates everything is that the "veto" occurred when he and I were trying to reconnect. It is not as if I was actively seeing him and she tried to get rid of me. When we split up that first time, the circumstances were of mutuality, I'd say. She might have been feeling very intense jealousy, but she wasn't going to the length of trying to curb things (then). Of course, I have no knowledge of what was said between the two of them then, but you know, from my POV, she was keeping cool about it even if she did feel jealous. But I think things were tense between them, as he said.

So, do you think the "veto" was still wrong of her? On the one hand, she wasn't ripping apart people who were actively together. On the other, he and I had a history (we'd already slept together when we together, we also both clearly liked each other a lot; he would have been totally down to see me again if she'd let him. She was definitely denying him....)

From my perspective, obviously, it was cruel. But maybe more objective people would say otherwise, given the circumstances?

Thanks again for your sympathy.

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