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What are some of the rules that everyone has with their relationships.
I already replied on your situation in your other thread. I still think she's not the right one for you and you are being had. But I'll share my rules.

1) Truth. Everyone on board on the same page. All in the open, all names and basic info things exchanged openly. Do not lie, do not assume. ASK when confused. TELL when confused. Do not cheat/skimp out on truth-ing and thus set me up and emotionally betray me. I'd have way more respect for you as my ex if you just hard truth it to me than lying or lying by omission on things that affect my health. I'd like to be good exes if/when that happens. Truth it. Just spit it OUT. If you do not find this fair, don't play with me.

2) I'm willing to work almost whatever else it is out. Here it is on 3 strikes you are out. You mess up once? Alright. We deal. 2nd time. We deal. 3rd time we deal. KEEP ON with that SAME thing? Goodbye. OUT. If you do not find this fair, don't play with me.

3) Basic health hygiene info is good enough to me -- names, sex screens, etc. This is REQUIRED. I don't need to know everything about your others. I'd try to be friends with your OSO but life being what it is, that's not a guarantee. So I'll be at least polite and friendly toward my metas. That I can try to do.

If you want to share more and they are ok, I'm ok. All respect privacy. I do not kiss an tell on my end without giving you a heads up. Don't kiss and tell on your end without giving me the heads up. Do not put me in the middle of things. I only get excited when there's something real to get excited about. Don't tell me extra if I don't need to be excited yet. I want to make my health choices fully informed, is all. If you do not find this fair, don't play with me.

I'm not sure that's the same agreement I'd use in later life but that served me well in my dating life in my 20's.


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