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And I'm sure if we all just put our cards on the table, reveal our innermost emotions and have extremely open and honest communication, we can get past the sad past and develop into a healthy triad.
I think you use vocab in diff ways than I do, but alright. Idea is still same.

Takes two to tango. Three to triad. Do they even WANT to play cards? You could ask, but if they say no ACCEPT THAT.

You are in a crazy dance alone here. And if you are wired for mono, why are you pushing on with this fantasy dance without any partners dancing with?

She is not wanting to go there. He isn't. Not from the sound of things where they left off THREE YEARS AGO.

If they DID want to? Prob not with you now, given the history and the cheater-y start. You may be willing to forgive his cheater-y start, but she might not. He may not forgive himself. So... it's not just about YOU here.

Yeah, you feel you love him. Awesome. Feel what you feel when you feel it! But we don't need to ACT on every feeling. Basically to me you sound young 20's. Like feeling something means we MUST act on it and make it so!

There are many Right Ones. It's not like he's the one and only Right One For You. He was a Maybe (?) Right One but Wrong Time. Move on, seek Right One at This Right Time. Can't move on alone? Seek counseling.

People come into your life for a reason, a season or for life. He's not sounding like a lifer, he was a seaonal. And honestly? A cheatery start like that? Not good raw material there for mono BF *OR* a poly one! I'd be kinda worried about your health here -- you are not seeing clear, you have cloudy vision.

I mean that kindly -- please don't hurt yourself running through fog!


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