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Originally Posted by Phy View Post
To not derail the purpose of the thread: I am doing fine, we just spend some hours discussion possible names for the future child and my men are nuts ... they want to name him (if it becomes a boy, we already have two names for girls) James Tiberius ... honestly, how geeky can fathers possibly be? I am afraid that they won't have a say in this matter if they keep at it like that
My dad's side of the family has about a million "John"s... First names, middle names, girl's middle names, they are everywhere. So.. I told Keith that if we ever have a son I want to name him "Obadiah Juan." I still get the John in there (albeit in a different language) but then we can call him Obi Juan! Cracks me up every time, and I actually really do like the name Obadiah/Obi.

I like James Tiberius as well... lol I'm gonna side with the men on this one.
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