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To take it one step further, IMO many males evolved to feel ok with another man being more powerful. They are so-called beta males. They accept they're not at the top of the pecking order. They might still hide this fact in many situations, since society tends to look down on "weaker" males. But IMO they are absolutely necessary. In a society with too many alpha males, there would be violence as they try and fight for the most desired females. Being a beta male would be smart. Letting the other man win, but ensuring your own survival by not challenging him.

Even farther than that, I've seen some men online who prefer their spouse/GF mates with a top male. Sexually it turns them on, and sometimes it's their fetish, where it's the main turn on, and everything else does not to that extent. This makes sense too, in an evolutionary sense, though so few men can embrace it. For one thing, it's helping survival of the entire tribe/community instead of survival of their own little dyad. But secondly, it does help their smaller unit. Given that he is weaker in some ways, he could raise a child that has much better genetics than his own, if she mates with the very strong male. The child, when it gets older, would end up helping him (and his wife) survive. In addition, he could later father one or more children genetically, once the family was stronger from the alpha male's children.

Disclaimer: Most of this I must have read or heard from others, but some is probably my own corruption Never heard that last part that I can remember.
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