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Originally Posted by threesnocrowd View Post
I really love watching her enjoy herself and really get into the moment. Maybe I'm nuts, I have no idea. Thoughts?
You're not nuts-- I thought I'd just explained the biological underpinnings of this desire. We are all hardwired to have multiple sexual partners. It takes a whole lot of social conditioning, religious programming and brainwashing, forceful deterrents, and even outright LAWS, to combat these natural urges for more than one partner.

Take a look at bonobo chimps and how promiscuous they are. We share 98.5 of our DNA with them.

The only reason women in our society are required to have one, and only one, male partner is to control their fertility so her mate can be sure he isn't raising another man's child. This is only necessary in patriarchal societies.

We've lived under this yoke long enough.

In an ideal polyamorous configuration, any child that resulted from coitus between the woman and any of her men would be raised as the group's child, taken care of, financially supported. Whether it was this or that man's semen that cause the pregnancy wouldn't matter one bit. The love and connection of the adults involved would trump whose sperm cause the conception.
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