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Originally Posted by EurAsianGirl View Post
And I'm sure if we all just put our cards on the table, reveal our innermost emotions and have extremely open and honest communication, we can get past the sad past and develop into a healthy triad.
That would be true if you all wanted that. But from the info you've given us, that's what you want, and they're perfectly fine the way they are. It seems to me the only thing you're likely to accomplish is create more drama and potentially hurt their relationship.

And are you actually thinking of starting a triad with her and not telling her you and her fiance cheated on her?

It seems to me like you're obsessed with him and willing to be with her too because you know there is no way he'd be with just you. But he cut things off with you and in three years, if he wanted you back he had plenty of time to say so.

I'm sorry, but it doesn't sound like there is anything you can do, except look for someone(s) else.
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