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Default How to turn a girl into a Unicorn

*Cross-posted from a forum on Fetlife because they weren't really helpful and I need all the advice I can get!

Contrary to the cliche I am not part of a couple seeking a Unicorn, rather I got into this accidentally and thus would like to know how to go about this.

Here's my story, so I fell in love with this guy. He agreed to go out with me and we were very happy together, a few months into our relationship I learn that he actually has a serious girlfriend, one he lives with and is engaged to! Believe me if I could by that time I would have walked away but by then I was already too in love with him, he said it was no problem and that he could love us both. The relationship grew and we became more and more intimate and I found myself falling deeper and deeper in love with him, he was my first in everything! First boyfriend, first kiss, first sexual contact, you get the picture.

We broke up, not because the girlfriend found out but another girl was trying to get between us and taking him away, it was a very messy situation which turned him off from both of us and he just decided to dump me and go back to being mono with his gf.

Thankfully the girl that ruined our whole relationship is out of our lives, however I can't seem to move on from him! I've tried everything, but I'm still so attached to him and by everything I literally mean everything, it's already been 3 years since our break-up, I am at the conclusion I love him and want to be with him in anyway, even if that includes getting his gf as part of the package deal.

This is no problem as I'm bisexual and for some reason never felt jealous of her, more guilty. I suppose its because he sought me out while he was with her so she was never a threat, I've seen her pics before too and she definitely seems like my type as well, plus she claims she's highly bisexual too! I think this could really work out!

Now the thing is, how do I convince his gf to be poly and be part of a closed triad between him, me and her? She kinda doesn't have a good opinion of me already due to rumors being spread and her thinking I want to break the two up, when I don't anymore, not since I've discovered Polyamory, I want to enter into a triad with them!

I think this Poly thing can really work out for me and will make everyone happy, so Fetlifers I need your advice, as you can see I have a very unique "Unicorn" situation. How do I convince someone's current gf to turn into one?

* Oh, by the way if some people start thinking I'm treating the gf like a sexual object, note that if this relationship goes through I will happily let her date others, she won't have to be exclusive to us! Heck, I'd even encourage her to date others, so no I don't look at her as an object and am willing to give her her freedom. See, I'm different from the other unicorn hunters!
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