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Default Identity Question

This came from another thread but basically I identify as polyamorous, for as long as I can remember, even before I had the words to describe it I have always felt this way.

Recently I fell in love with a monogamous man. We were friends for a long time and used to talk for hours about polyamory and monogamy and everything in between. He has always maintained that if there is anything like a Kinsey scale for monogamy to polyamory he is a 1, totally 100% monogamous.

I have no desire to change him, though if he wants to try opening up I will support him and in return he has been everything I have ever wanted in a partner. He understands that I am capable of loving multiple people and in turn is totally accepting of this, however he has asked me to be monosexual. And for now this is something that I want to do because it means that he is in my life romantically.

So...can I still say I am polyamorous? Is there anyone who is living a monosexual life and identifies as polyamorous? What are peoples' thoughts about this?
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