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And yet when it comes to kink, it's just fine to be a doormat and let your "master" dictate everything to you.
Um... no. It's agreed to play. It's not being a doormat without rights or without consent. Playing out a scene is not the same as a 24/7 D/s dealio. Even the dealio gets negotiated! There's kink ethics!

That isn't to say there are no people in the kink community that wear false colors.

Just like in the poly community that are some who wear false colors -- more like "poly" (air quotes!) fuckery than polamory.

Honest folk whatever the flavor -- kink, poly, hard or soft swing -- I think all frown on false colors being flown.

But I suspect that's why a large portion of poly are also into kink sprinkles -- there's a lot of negotiate-y going on in both worlds and the skillsets can easily transfer.

Me? I'm closed at this time with DH. Just not UP for a poly tribe raising kids. Does that make me horrible? No. Just not my scene. I rather close at this parent stage.

Your crush certainly reinforces the whole "poly must be kinky too" paradigm. What if I'm just wired to want multiple people in my life, no whips or chains attached? /perturbed
What? Non-kink polys somehow not cool? Of course not. Totally cool! Kink and poly are items on the sexual buffet. They don't have to come as a set! And all people have to find their sexual identity, then sexual preferences, and well... sort themselves out.

I do think people just need to speak up more about their current needs. And check in because - hey! We human! Needs change, evolve, we age.

Disappointing when crushes don't fly and line up but so it goes. Can't force a thing, right?


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