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Originally Posted by spaz6979 View Post
We are both Bisexual He is 27 yrs old (just had a B-day!! YAY Joshie!!)) and I am 23 yrs old. We are looking for a closed-ish poly relationship but are not against the idea of fooling around with others as a group. Like if we agree that we all find a guy or girl likable and we wanna play around with them, we do it together and not separate. Its all or none.
OK, so a few more things to think about, based on things that I have heard happen..

Is the "playing around" (by which I assume you mean sex) when it's the three of you always going to be all three of you? Would she be able to have sex with just one of you without the other there? Would you and your current partner have sex without her there?

So any other person that she likes and wants to have a relationship with must be prepared to have sex with all of you as a group?

What about someone that she falls in love with? What could you see happening if that occurred?

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