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I hear that Portland, Oregon area is pretty liberal. I was only there once, on a foggy foggy night in Seattle where my flight got diverted to Portland. Seeing Mt. Ranier on the right-hand side of the plane was a big hint that we weren't landing at Sea-Tac. Seattle is almost the perfect city for me. It only gets trumped by Vancouver, BC. I've never been to Van, but from what I see, it is perfect for me. San Francisco is a nice city. I do know a poly couple there that I met on Second Life. I hear that Vermont is also fairly liberal, but I do not have any first-hand knowledge of that. Though many of my ancestors were from New England, that is the one area of the country where I have never been. Kansas historically is Christian. John Brown and all of those other abolitionists making their stand against slavery (a right stand) to keep Kansas a free state. Seems like the U.S. is liberal on the coasts, and pretty conservative in the middle.
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