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Originally Posted by km34 View Post
I don't know how many of the poly people you've met feel that way, but that could be one reason they haven't been interested.
To be quite honest, I do not meet a whole lot of people and mostly keep to myself. A lot of my isolation is self-imposed. That, should almost preface any and all discussions about my relationship problems. So, I only deserve so much empathy.

I base my poly observations primarily on this forum. That being said, the poly girl I met and was briefly interested in, sort of confirms my hunch.

As for transitioning from NSA to a long-term relationship, I find it to be rather natural. In fact, to me there isn`t much of a dichotomy between the two. But, most people I meet are like you.



Edit: Concerning dating websites, I don`t use them anymore. Or, any kind of personals or phone service (Do those still exist? Showing my age. ) but I was 100% unsuccessful in those. According to my friend, who was a Craigslist pick up artist in his time, it had to do with the fact that I was too straightforward about sex. But, I`m hard-hearded, and have always refused to compromise my stance.

I think it might have had more to do with my height.

Edit2: The reason I don`t go to single men`s nights at swing clubs is because I would essentially be paying what I could be paying to be with a hooker with much more uncertain results. I can totally see myself just sitting there and disappearing into oblivion, as though I was in a really expensive nightclub by myself sitting in the corner, and no one hit on me. But, hopefully one day I`ll let up on my resolve and take some risks.

Edit3: I`ve also had no measure of interest from swingers in personal services in the past, so I assume the same would happen at a club?
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