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Hey all,

Thanks for the input so so far. Gala girl, I would like to apologize if my wording made my view of my partner seem more possessive than it is. While I am comfortable exploring my polyamorous side, I still prefer the notion of having a very devoted primary relationship. My partner shares this view, albeit a little less steadfastly than I. When I types, "someone taking him from me," I meant that I'm concerned about his sexual partners developing a strong emotional connection that could potentially contest the one we have. That may sound a bit selfish from the perspective of a true polyamorist, but at this stage in my development, I'm not ready for that.

The period in which we were closed greatly improved our trust of one another. Knowing that I didn't have to worry about what he was doing when he was out made me feel less of need to request curfews or hourly updates. Furthermore, we were much more affectionate while together, whether it was cuddling on the couch or hugging and kissing more, etc. We were even more communicative, but sharing with each other in that sense has always been a strong point in the relationship.

I think it's safe to say many of my initial concerns with non monogamy have been assuaged, but I really want suggestions on how to deal with the jealousy. Earlier today, he told me about his long weekend at Pride thus far, and while I felt jealous, I was able to be more objective about it and not lash out at him or make him feel like he did something bad. My end goal is to not have those feelings surface at all.
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