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My husband and I didn't have sex for three years. I kept hoping that would change, but neither one of us did anything about it except talk every now and then. But one day he asked for a divorce, and then moved out a few weeks later. I was devastated for a long time, but the truth is, we had become like roommates, in a friendship together, and that is not a marriage to me, not romantic, not satisfying, not what I'd hoped for when we got engaged. Since our split (we are separated but not officially divorced yet), I have been delighted to rediscover my sex drive and passion, and that I am still desirable to other men. My second relationship after my separation also reminded me of how orgasmic I am - I had lost connection to that part of myself and suddenly I was cumming more often and for more long-lasting orgasms than I realized was possible! And I am a natural flirt, and have been getting back to the person I was that was stifled by an unsatisfying lackluster marriage. We didn't have kids, but now I couldn't see us continuing the way we were for much longer than we did, and still try to stay together as friends cohabiting. The freedom you can have if you leave him will feel amazing and exhilarating, I think. If I were you, I would put your needs first and step out on your own. Even though I was supremely upset when my husband stepped out to be on his own, it was a blessing in disguise for me. Your husband also deserves more than what he's settling for, he just doesn't realize it yet.
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