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People can be just as committed and devoted to many as they can to one. And, as many here have already said, morality and immorality are not things written in stone. They are concepts, based subjectively on cultural/societal standards. But what one culture, group, or person considers moral or immoral is not necessarily what another thinks is moral or immoral. Yes,as someone also said, use ethics to guide you.

However, why is it so important for your brother to "get" it? He may never understand, approve, or accept polyamory. You may have to disown him for a while if you want to live your own life. I don't believe in fighting a losing battle with pigheaded people who won't listen or be open to new ways of thinking. It doesn't matter to me if they are family or not. No respect given, no longer in my life. Remember, family members are just people; they don't need to hold a special place in our lives if they don't deserve it. And they don't get a special pass to run roughshod all over us. If he's just going to judge you and make your life hell, tell him he doesn't have that right and say buh-bye.
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