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Red face Good Call

That is a Very good point! Still new to this we appreciate the advice. LOL. Okay more info.

We are both Bisexual He is 27 yrs old (just had a B-day!! YAY Joshie!!)) and I am 23 yrs old. We are looking for a closed-ish poly relationship but are not against the idea of fooling around with others as a group. Like if we agree that we all find a guy or girl likable and we wanna play around with them, we do it together and not separate. Its all or none.

As far as moving for a long distance relationship? It would have to be based on what is financially the best option. We both have strong careers here I work with cell phone tech and he teaches preschool. However if Our significant other has higher pay and would prefer us to move we would consider moving, otherwise we would ask they move in with us here.

We love animals we have a dog and a cat so bring on the fuzziness!

I don't smoke and the hubby smokes an occasional cigar (yuckie XP) maybe once a month. We don't mind smokers as long as its not in the house.

We don't have children and believe that if we do it would be a decision made by the ENTIRE relationship so we would prefer them not to have children already.

As far as age we would prefer someone around our ages so I guess maybe a 5 year difference either way (18-33yrs). However we are open minded and are always willing to meet people and see if sparks fly!

We also enjoy social gatherings and often times are preparing to go or preparing to throw a party. For example once a year we throw a Valentines day Fancy Lingerie Party where we drink champagne and josh makes chocolate Fondu! It gets kinda crazy *teeehee*. So I guess we would want you to enjoy going out as well.

Although our social life is busy nothing beats a good movie and a good snuggle! If you got any questions feel free to message Us!
26 yr old. bi-male. Married. On the lookout for a bi girl to join long term Triad Unicorn relationship
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