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Just a few questions - we try to help folks find what they seek, and often adding some more information is good. Folks often say that the people that contact them "waste their time" but we often find that this is because of a lack of initial information about what is expected.

For example - you mention that it could start long-distance, but would involve moving together at some point - are you prepared to move, or are you expecting the other person to move? How far away would you consider for long-distance - are you in a position to travel to meet her, or would you expect her to always come to you?

This may seem like a dumb question to you, but must the girl be single? Is it ok if she has additional partners while she is in a relationship with you, or is the expectation that this would be exclusive (i.e. a "closed" poly relationship)?

What about pets - do you have any, if so, what? Is it ok if she has some? Often allergies and/or dislikes for animals can be a major show-stopper.

What about smokers? Do you smoke?

You mention one of your ages in your sig - some people have very strict limits on who they will consider dating - do you have any age requirements for the new girl?

What about children? Do you have any? Is it ok if she does?

These are just some examples. I hope you see that they help sort out what you are looking for up-front, so that time doesn't have to be wasted with folks that won't do from the get-go. The more information you give, the better chance you have of someone actually contacting you.

Hope this helps!

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