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I don't think it's that important to label things though. The most important thing is that Aurelie gets all the love that she needs and wants.

It is important that Scott, Mia and I make her feel as secure as we can and encourage her to ask for what she wants from us and that we all support each other.

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I've been thinking about what he said about me feeling guilty, we have been talking about it also. I do feel guilt, but I think the bigger problem I have is one of fear. I'm scared of losing Nathan! It makes me very unhappy to think of us not being together. I love him so much, and want us to be together always, and yet having a relationship with another man is not the best way to keep him, is it?
We are always going to be together baby, You and I are perfect together. Don't be such a worrier. Were having a great time aren't we.

Remember what I said about our safety nets. Yours is that you know that you are the only girl for me, I'm not interested in anyone else but you. You posted about how it would upset you to think, or see me touching anyone else the way I touch you. You don't have to worry, you know that wont happen. If at any time I'm unhappy, I promise to tell you, and we will make it right together.

My safety net is the fact that I know that in the unlikely event that I could not continue with things the way they are, you would make sure that it was just you, me and Max. I trust you and love you. I also love what we are sharing with Mia and Scott. It feels right.
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