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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
Cuckolding has one very specific dynamic (the husband being "forced" to watch another man "take" his wife)
This doesn't fit for me as I'm not being forced to watch anything, I want too.

Originally Posted by PinkDragon View Post
A slight twist on what Ciel said... my understanding of cuckolding is that the "husband" is forced to watch another man /take/ his wife, and not in a good way. That it's intended to wound emotionally.
Aurelie could not wound anyone, let alone anybody she loves, so this doesn't fit either. Aurelie is a beautiful person, kind and loving towards everyone she knows.

Originally Posted by km34 View Post
Cuckolding is about the humiliation of watching your SO with someone who is supposed to be able to satisfy better than you are. So, a man watching his wife with a guy with a much larger penis. The point is that you are humiliated.
This is a bit closer I think. I am turned on by the fact that Aurelie is having sex with someone who is able to satisfy her better than me. I'm very turned on by Aurelie telling me that she can have 7,8,9,10 orgasms when she is with Scott, and telling me why he can give her this and I cant. It does turn me on to think of them spending their nights together doing nothing but having sex. I'm not sure why this effects me the way it does, I am not that comfortable with these feelings, most men would not feel this way, and yet I cant deny that they are there, because they are. I'm not humiliated by it though, I don't want to be humiliated, whether it be as a fantasy or in reality, and I know that Aurelie would never do that do me. She's lovely.

Originally Posted by Aurelie26 View Post
He was turned on by me talking about how Scott had a bigger dick, and how he lasts longer, and how he gives me more orgasms. Why? He says that it turns him on to think of me getting that much pleasure, he also says that is why he wants to watch us. To see that!
I was turned on babe, you should admit that it turns you on as well though. I know you like teasing me in that fun way. I know you enjoy it.
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