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Open relationships...................... This is what Aurelie told me we would have when we first got together, it's also what I have told some of my friends. It was a hot topic of conversation amongst them for a while, they soon got bored when they realised that I was not going to tell them anything apart from that.

Aurelie is terrified that people will find out. Max saw his Mum kissing Scott, and asked me why she was doing that. What we have told him is that Mummy loves Scott like she loves Daddy, but not as much. We didn't want to panic him, and we have reassured him by telling him just how much his Mum and I love each other, and that we both love him more than anything else, and that nothing is ever going to change that. He seems fine with what we told him, and he was not upset in any way. He likes Mia a lot, and is starting to warm to Scott after he took him out and spoilt him. Aurelie wanted to tell Max that he has to keep all this to himself, I disagreed strongly with this, I don't want Max to keep secrets for us. If he tells someone, so what!

My parents love Aurelie, my mother may as well just move in with us, that's how much time she spends at our house. She doesn't come to see me, she comes to see them!!!!!! She is afraid that Max will tell my parents about Scott and Mia, and I think he probably will. Aurelie fears that my parents will hate her if they know the truth. They wont. If they ask me about it, I will tell them what I told my friends, that Aurelie and I have an open relationship, and nothing else. The details are our business.
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