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Default Voyeurism/exhibitionism, Polyamory, Open relationships, Cuckolding. I'm not sure whic

Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
Sounds like you are a voyeur, someone who gets sexual enjoyment from watching others have sex. And the fact that it's your wife having sex with someone Not You probably adds some extra oomph. It's a really common fetish.
I do want to watch Aurelie with Scott, and now she has agreed, I'm looking forward to it. If she had said no though, I would not have been upset, it isn't that important to me. As Aurelie said......I have not really asked her outright, I did not want her to feel that she would be letting me down if she didn't want to do it. I think she will enjoy it, and wants to do it as much as I do, but is afraid to admit it. If, when it comes to it, I think that she is not comfortable, or I'm not, or Scott is not............we can stop.

Originally Posted by km34 View Post
My husband enjoys watching me with others (male and female) because he enjoys seeing me pleasured. He has only seen me actually make love to one other person (my ex-gf) and he said he enjoyed that less than seeing me just screw someone.
Thank you Km34, this describes how I feel about it. I think I will enjoy seeing Aurelie pleasured, I love her and she is so sexy. She has told me that the intimacy we share is love making, and that what she has with Scott is more 'fucking.' I guess I want to see her pleasured in a way that I cant. It's about me being turned on by seeing her get off to the degree that she has told me she does when she is with Scott.

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