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After feeling like I was waiting for the holiday to be over so that I could get back into the school routine and see J- again, of course he was sick and didn't come to school yesterday or today. Even after last night he was sure he would come to school today saying maybe we could do something he still went home and slept after his first class. I can't blame him, getting sick, working third shift and going to school is awful but I've been really missing him especially after last week.

I have this awful knot I get in my stomach all day while I hope to get to see him. I have no one I can talk to about it accept my husband and though he's ridiculously supportive and loving he's at work all day while I sit at school and wait to have class at night for 6-8 hours. So I feel distracted and nervous and crazy all day so I can't study to pass the time like I should.

O.o It's no fun at all.
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