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Default I think you are doing the right thing

Hi Aurelie, I have been reading your thread for several months so I have a decent feel for your situation, since I am the male part of a couple whose situation has some parallels to yours. I just want to say that as far as Nathan watching, this is (a) a continuation of the openness with each other you have successfully accomplished on every other front up to now so the outlook is positive for success here too, and (b) this is sort of a final frontier since he'll see you in another "persona", which he deserves. Although he may find it more intense than he thinks, I get the sense that you two can get through anything that is real (a little time passage . .), and that you need not fear losing him. Rather, you will probably feel so much better for breaking down this final barrier between you, which it really is. (You are reluctant for him to see you as you are with Scott, but that is part of who you are.) I also believe frankly that it will be more intensely erotic for him than you realize or he will want to admit, and I believe based on some clues you have given, that you may want this from a pleasure standpoint more than you are letting on. Truth is, this might be a doorway you both slowly pass through going forward, in coming to terms with parts of your own sexuality that may not get much thought but which may turn out to run deep for both of you. There is power exchange stuff here that can evolve in positive ways. You two have both been pretty sensitive about some things that have come up in this thread along these general lines (which sometimes lack finesse depending who is contributing) so I won't offer any more unless you are interested. This is your thread and I look forward to hearing how things turn out; I see you two as embracing some of the richest things life has to offer, with a lot of love, and I thank you for sharing. Your thread helps me too.
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