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I wish it were that simple... We went from total happy, to train wreck. There is no signs of affection, other than him saying he cares deeply about me... the words mean nothing if there is nothing behind them. The one partner yesterday spent part of the day with me working on my rental condo repairs that needed to be done... He has no financial interest in the condo but is always willing to help... I always try to find out the why things happen, incited of the how to make them work... His why... is that he gets happiness out of making others happy and when he sees how happy i am when he does even the littlest thing ( i am easy to please, he will pick be up a box of ranch wheat thins when he goes grocery shopping and it makes my face light up and that makes him happy)....

The three of us have been through hell and back trying to get things to work and now this was kinda blindsided me and the other partner...I have been spending every other week at "our home" and last Saturday the partner who is not feeling as good now was more than happy to walk in the door, get naked, and leave a surprise inside me, and this week he was upset that the other two were naked in bed waiting for him to get back from his workout and did not want anything, but he had it with the other partner last night...
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