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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
through biology and anthropology, that a woman having sex with several men in one session (over several hours or days) is completely natural. I am assuming the OP does not just watch his wife have sex, and then not shag her himself. He watches, he becomes aroused, he also has sex with her shortly after the other lover is done. Women can be quite multi orgasmic, and in general, men are not as orgasmic. So, she is biologically able to have sex with more than one partner in one session.
That makes perfect sense to me!! With the invention of Viagra, things have shifted a bit, but basically- this sounds very logical to me.

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
The book also suggests it is one reason women are often quite vocal during sex. Her noises (in pre-history and pre-patriarchy) would act as a mating call to other partners to "come and get me while I'm hot."
This also makes perfect sense to me!

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
If you are not culturally programmed to be jealous of another guy boning your wife/gf, why wouldn't it be arousing to watch her physically involved with another partner? It could even be a socially bonding thing between the 2 (or more) males involved.

I think Sex at Dawn is a very interesting book, and I hope other polyamorous people find it as enlightening as I did.
I had an experience one evening while with a group of friends (about 5 couples) where me and the wife of one of the men were sitting back (she and I were satiated) and as we watched her husband having intercourse with another woman. She affectionately said- "look at him"- and we both sighed and watched with smiles on our faces.
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