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Thank you! Yes, I've requested to meet her and she's amenable. And we could manage periodic trips to see OSOs if need be... He assumes that will be that, but I certainly don't and would plan accordingly.

I think years ago, I agreed to inequal terms under the assumption (from both of us) that as time went on and he got more comfortable with things, we'd adjust and become more equitable. Only we didn't quite get that far (although we did certainly loosen up considerably). Now, I am no longer willing to hedge my bets by allowing privileges I do not have under the hope that I might, someday... And I told him as much when I declined his initial request based on my own limitations. Now, we're renegotiating those limitations... If either of us are permitted to explore, both if us will be. I agree, that's not something I would be able to sustain long-term. This is definitely new territory! =)
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