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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
On another tangent - if he is moving in a few months after you do, starting a relationship with her would end up being a LDR. He would likely want to go back to visit her on weekends which would probably cause a lot of stress for your relationship, or perhaps he'll be busy and distracted texting and emailing and calling her while you end up setting up the new place all by yourself. Has he thought that through?
I would be fine with him returning to visit her periodically, though he says she is also apparently moving in a few months (to another state) and he seems to think that will be the end of that. I gently pointed out that it hasn't stopped me yet but if he wanted to continue seeing her I'd be fine with that. And God knows I'm distracted enough with texts etc so I certainly understand that!

Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
Dealing with a new dynamic when you are not living in the same place will also be stressful, and you have a higher chance of being plagued by insecurity, jealousy, fear - but without the ability to be face to face with him to talk things through.
This is certainly a concern. I have some ideas on how to mitigate the difficulty but it will absolutely be a learning process.

And as for her being a co-worker; their workplace is HUGE (2000+ employees), they're in different departments, their shifts only overlap by a few hours, and neither of them will be with the company long-term. In terms of risk I deem this acceptable (though generally otherwise agree it's unwise to date colleagues!).
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