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Originally Posted by mimi1002 View Post
I don't get to see him on a daily basis like she does so when I find out that he didn't call when promised because he had to go be with her, it bothers me. Or in order to see me he has to make sure that it works with her schedule I get a miffed.

Is my irritation with this situation unjustified?
I would not date somebody who did that. My dates with my boyfriend can be scheduled around his wife and my husband's schedules, and if something needs to be moved around because of something important to one of them that's fine. However, if we made plans and they were broken without a heads up and rescheduling, or without a reason, the end of dating that person would probably happen after a second incident.

LDRs need more tending and consideration IMO, not less. Taking the poly out of the situation, how many times would you let a monogamous partner not follow through on plans before you'd had enough?
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