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Default The importance of play

I've really enjoy having this forum as a resource. Our counselor is the only person who we talk in depth with about having an open marriage. There is so much to learn and understand.

This particular thread is my favorite so far. So many of the situations going on in the world at large and in the world of polyamory are very troubling, filled with drama that to me defies the purpose of having loving friendships.

Recently I've learned that play is extremely important to prevent all sorts of emotional and physical disorders. I'm 64 and I'm very interested in staying healthy.

In my primary relationship with my wife there are many serious issues that we have to deal with on a daily basis. We are playful with each other but there is no doubt that our relationship at times is dominated by the serious business of making a living and coping with each others children.

Although my wife and I are very playful with each other we don't play the same type of games. She is extroverted and I'm an introvert.

We knew that she wanted to do extroverted play things that I loathed. We were left with the conflict that I'd have to learn to enjoy her games whether I enjoyed them or not.

We decided that instead we would pray that she would find a friend who she would enjoy playing with. The prayers were answered and she now has a friendship that is built entirely around their enjoyment to play together.

I've determined that this need to have play mates is actually very serious to our well-being.

An inability to play is an indicator that has to be explored.

The importance of the pursuit of play is more good reason to believe that what we're doing is perhaps a healthier life style than we realize.
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