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Originally Posted by canthiswork View Post
About the weird cult stuff, this came up when I googled something along the lines of polyamory Ewwww. And this Creepy! Probably more like Poly's been appropriated and not invented by the wackos of the world...
Why "eww?" Don't like Oberon's beard? What he says in that video about polyamory sounds quite reasonable and eloquent. Did you actually listen to his words? The Ravenhearts published a very respectable magazine called The Green Egg for a long time. They are just Pagans who established the Church of All Worlds, and I don't believe they ever forced or coerced anyone to join their church, which is what a cult does. As AutumnalTone said in another thread:
Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
I'd have to say that anybody who thinks the Church of All Worlds is a cult has no clue what a cult is--thinking something is a cult simply because one has no clue what it is smacks of gross bigotry.
Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart (Oberon's life partner) is often credited for coining the term "polyamory" (although others have documented the use of the word in a related way prior to the article in which she first used it). The Ravenhearts are quite intelligent people and Morning Glory was asked by the Oxford English Dictionary to supply the definition of polyamory for them. My understanding is that neither of those groups you are freaking out about were cults. As for Kerista Commune, it's just an intentional community where all members live and work for the common good and embrace having multiple relationships. Their official site is here: Maybe some of the members could be a little wacky but why be so harsh? Even the actor Peter Coyote was a member of a San Francisco commune in the 60s and 70s. Maybe you just have something against old hippies?
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