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Default I'm Baaa-aaaak...

...just when you thought you were rid of me...

Honestly? I've been insanely busy. I'm working on finishing a Master's degree, starting a Doctorate, plus maintaining a blog about the Blood Type Diet.

..and I may have been drinking a bit...

Tonight I, as the manager for an internet radio station The Cape Radio, did a tribute show for the members of G4S Cash Solutions who died last week, and also their manager (my bf). He hasn't really spent a lot of time with me over the past few months and my Hubby says, basically, that he deserves more than what I give because he didn't *choose* a poly lifestyle.....

...then there's me who's feeling sorta...tapped out. As an empath, wife, and girlfriend, I'm feeling alone, honestly. I'm feeling like *no one* is meeting my needs because my bf "always" has to work and my dh "always" feels like he's not getting what he wants from me.

...and heaven forbid I start my cycle.....

Please help? I know I have't posted in awhile. I think about you all often! There's been a lot of change/upheaval in my life and I'm looking for a place to deal with it to absolutely no avail .... :-(
"I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires." ~Susan B. Anthony
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